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Oracle Channel Revenue Management User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13590-03
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Oracle Channel Revenue Management User Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Trade Management

Product Overview
Sales Force Automation
Trade Promotion Management
Budget Management
Claim and Deduction Management
Indirect Sales Management
Supplier Ship and Debit Processing
Price Protection
Oracle Trade Management Integration Overview
Oracle Trade Management Key Features
      Budget Management Key Features
      Trade Planning Key Features
      Claims Key Features
      Payment Settlement Methods
      Indirect Sales Point of Sale Data Key Features
      Supplier Ship and Debit Key Features
      Price Protection Key Features
      Common Components for Trade Management
Oracle Trade Management Organization Related Enhancements
      Enabling Multi-Operating Unit Access
      Overview of Operating Units in Oracle Trade Management

Business User Flows

Account Manager Dashboard Flow
      Dependencies and Prerequisites
      Process Flow Diagram
Trade Promotion Forecasting to Execution
      Dependencies and Prerequisites
      Process Flow Diagram
Creating an Offer-related Claim and Settling it by Check Payment
      Dependencies and Prerequisites
      Process Flow Diagram
Deduction to Auto-Resolution for Non-Invoice Deduction
      Dependencies and Prerequisites
      Process Flow Diagram
Top-down Bottom-up Budgeting
      Dependencies and Prerequisites
      Process Flow Diagram
Volume Accrual
      Dependencies and Prerequisites
      Process Flow Diagram


Organization and Person
      Organization and Person Overview
      Creating an Organization
      Accessing Customer 360 View
      Creating a Person
Customer Groups (Lists)
      Creating and Managing Lists
Creating and Managing Segments
Creating and Managing List Imports
Importing a List
Handling List Import Errors
Viewing Organization and Person Information
Partner and Partner Contact

Products and Price Lists

Managing Products
Managing Price Lists

Quota Allocation

Understanding Quota and Quota Allocation
      Process Flow
      Market Eligibility, Product Eligibility, and Product Spread
      Org-Striping In Quota Allocation
      Quota Approval and Statuses
      Top-down Bottom-up Allocation
      Quota Allocation Views
      About Notes, Team, and Product Options
Creating and Managing Quotas and Quota Allocations
      Creating a Quota
      Creating a Quota Using the Quota Creation Public API
      Updating Market Eligibility for a Quota
      Updating Products for a Quota
      Generating and Modifying a Product Spread
      Submitting a Quota for Approval
      Approving a Quota
      Creating a Quota Allocation
      Submitting a Change Request During Top-down, Bottom-up Allocation
      Updating a Request Submission During Top-down, Bottom-up Allocation
      Approving a Quota Allocation
      Adding or Removing Groups and Users From a Quota
      Quota Search Results
      Quota Summary Advanced Search

Account Manager Dashboard

Account Manager Dashboard
Process Flow
      Account Manager Dashboard Regions
      Personalizing the Account Manager Dashboard and Related Links
      Account Manager Dashboard Regions
      About Trade Planning Thresholds
      Audit Retail Conditions
      Viewing Budget Summary and Claim Summary Reports
      Personalizing the My Accounts and My Products View
Offer Evaluator and Offer Worksheet
      Understanding Offer Evaluator and Offer Worksheet
      Using Offer Evaluator to Search and Copy Offers to Offer Worksheets
      Creating Offers Using the Offer Worksheet
Discount Calculator
About Promotional Lift and Baseline Calculations
Quota Allocation
Target Allocation
      Understanding Target Allocation
      Viewing and Modifying a Target Allocation
      Viewing the Product Spread
Account Planning
      Overview of Account Plan
      Displaying Offers In the Form Of a Gantt Chart
      Viewing Budget Utilization Details of an Account
      Viewing Sales Graphs Of an Account
      Adding a Note to an Account Plan

Trade Planning and Offers

Trade Planning Overview
Process Flow
Offer Creation
      Offer Types
      About Qualifiers
      About Web Offers
      Seeded Click-Through
      Creating a Click Through Destination for a Web image or Web Text
      Modifying a Web Image or Web Text
      About Discount Level and Discount Tiers
      Org-Striping in Offers
      Creating an Offer
      Defining Qualifiers and Discount Rules
      About Market Eligibility
      Defining Market Eligibility for an Offer
      Market Options
      Volume Offer Validation and Approval
      Monitor Account Status
      About Advanced Options
      About Offer Payout Dates and Methods
      Specifying Advanced Options and Offer Payout Dates and Methods
      About Performance Rules
      Specifying Performance Rules
      About Promotional Limits and Multiple Currency Price Lists
      Defining Promotional Limits for an Offer
      About Offer Adjustments
      Creating Offer Adjustments
      Approving Offer Adjustments
      About Copy Offer
Offer Forecasting
      Forecast Basis in Offer Forecast
      Creating and Editing an Offer Forecast
      Creating a Forecast Version
      About the Manufacturer's ROI Calculator
      Viewing the Manufacturer's ROI Calculator
Offer Sourcing
      Requesting Funding For an Offer
      Creating a Budget Transfer From an Offer
Offer Approval
      Understanding the Offer Approval Process
      Offer Statuses
      About Budget-offer Validation
      Submitting an Offer for Approval
      Approving an Offer
Offer Execution

Campaigns and Programs

Overview of Campaigns and Programs
Understanding Campaigns
      Overview of Campaigns
      Campaign Processes
Working with Campaigns
Understanding Programs

Budget Management

Budget Overview
Process Flow
Budget Creation
      Budget Tree
      Fixed Budget
      Fully Accrued Budget
      Budget Category
      About Budget Thresholds
      Org-Striping in Budgets
      Creating a Fixed Budget or a Fully Accrued Budget
      Adding Budget Thresholds
      Releasing or Reserving Holdback Amount
      Market Eligibility and Product Eligibility
      About Budget-offer Validation
      Defining Market Eligibility for a Fixed Budget
      Defining Market Eligibility for a Fully Accrued Budget
      Updating Products for a Fixed Budget
      Updating Products for a Fully Accrued Budget
      About Copy Budget and Budget Delete
Budget Approval
      Understanding the Budget Approval Process
      Initiating Budget Approval
      Approving a Budget
Budget Allocation
      Understanding the Budget Allocation Process
      About Top-down Bottom-up Budgeting
      Creating a Budget Allocation
      Submitting a Change Request During Top-down, Bottom-up Budgeting
      Approving or Rejecting a Request Submission
      Activating a Budget Allocation
Budget Utilization
      About Budget Utilization
      About Budget Request and Budget Transfer
      Creating Budget Request from a Budget
      Creating a Budget Transfer
      Approving or Rejecting a Budget Request
      About Budget Mass Transfer
      About Recalculated Committed
      Viewing Recalculated Committed
      Budget Adjustment Types
      Creating a Budget Adjustment
      Integration to Sales Orders (Off-invoice Offers)
      Integration to Sales Orders (Accrual Offers)
      GL Postings for Off-invoice Offers
      Basic General Ledger Integration
      Advanced General Ledger Integration
Budget Reconciliation
      Reconciling a Budget
Budget Tracking
      Budget Checkbook View
      Budget Utilization Views
      Rollup View and Shelf View
      Budget Transaction and Budget Details Checkbooks
      Offer Checkbook
      Customer Budget View
      Order Details

Claim and Deduction Management

Claims Overview
Process Flow
Claim Creation
      Claim Classes
      Claim Detail Page
      Claim Types and Reasons
      Modifying Details of a Claim Type
      Customer Reason
      Buying Groups and Related Customer Accounts
      Claim Lines and Associated Earnings
      About Proportionately Associating Earnings by Products
      About Claim Actions
      Creating an Action
      Third Party Accruals and Pricing Simulations
      About Lockbox Integration
      Org-Striping in Claims
      Creating Claims in Open Status
      Creating a Claim or a Debit Claim
      Mass Creating Claims and Debit Claims
      Creating a Transaction Related or a Non Transaction Related Deduction
      Creating an Overpayment
      Viewing Source
      Creating Claim Lines
      Entering Detail Information for Claim Lines
      Associating Earnings With Claim Lines
Claim Assignment
      About Claim Ownership and Auto Assign Owner
      Reassigning Claim Owners By Using Auto Assign Owner
Claim Approval
      Understanding the Claim Approval Process
      Submitting a Claim for Approval
      Previewing Approval
      Approving a Claim
      Types of Approval Rules
Claim Research
      Viewing Claim Details
      Reverting Claim Status
      About Claim Split
      Splitting a Claim
      About Duplicate Claims and Related Documents
      Marking a Claim as Duplicate
      Integration With Oracle Discoverer
      About Claim History and History Rules
Claim Settlement
      Understanding Scan Data Offer Adjustments
      Integration with E-Business Tax
      About Paying Over Earnings by Thresholds
      Approving Requests for Unearned Payments
      About Autopay
      Running and Scheduling Autopay
      Viewing Autopay Request and Autopay Log
      Understanding Automatic Write-off
      Viewing Claims Eligible for Automatic Write-off
      About Updating Deductions Based on Subsequent Receipts
      About Promotional Payments
      Searching for Accruals from the Promotional Payments Tab
      Creating and Settling Claims from the Promotional Payments Tab
      Understanding Mass Settlement (Netting of Overpayments)
      Netting Overpayments and Deductions With Debit Items
      Claim Settlement Methods
      Custom Settlement Methods
      About Standard Memo Lines
      Settling Claims for Related Customer Accounts
      Settling Promotional Claims for Buying Groups
      Settling Claims, Debit Claims, Deductions, and Overpayments
      Claim Report
      Claim Aging View
      Claim Settlement History

Indirect Sales Management

About Volume Offer Integration
      Chargeback and Third Party Accruals
      Understanding Chargebacks
      Overview of Chargebacks
      Process Flow
      Chargeback Submission
      Chargeback Validation
      Chargeback Tolerances
      Chargeback Reconciliation
      Chargeback Settlement
      Chargeback Statuses
      Understanding Third Party Accruals
      Overview of Third Party Accruals
      Process Flow
Working With Chargeback and Third Party Accrual Transactions
Importing a Transaction Through WebADI
Batch Details
Viewing and Updating Lines
Accepting Disputed Lines and Processing a Submission
Initiating Payment for a Transaction
Indirect Inventory Tracking
      Adjusting Indirect Inventory
Inventory Summary
Special Pricing and Fund Requests
      Understanding Special Pricing
      Process Flow
      Special Pricing Request Submission
      Special Pricing Request Approval
      Offer Creation and Sourcing
      Special Pricing Request Settlement
      Process Flow
      Fund Requests Statuses
      Special Pricing Request Statuses
      Process Flow for Fund Request
      Working With Special Pricing and Fund Requests
      Creating and Submitting a Special Pricing Request
      Viewing and Editing Special Pricing Request Details
      Creating and Submitting a Fund Request
      Viewing and Editing Fund Request Details
      Approving, Rejecting, or Reassigning a Special Pricing or a Fund Request"
      Approving a Budget Request for Special Pricing or Funds Requests
      Submitting a Special Pricing Request or a Fund Request Claim
      Settling a Special Pricing or a Fund Request Claim
      Viewing Claims and Budgets Associated With a Special Pricing or a Funds Request
Using DQM Tools to Deduplicate Customer Data
      Process Flow

Using Supplier Ship and Debit

Supplier Ship and Debit Overview
Creating a Supplier Ship and Debit Request
Generating a Supplier Ship and Debit Batch

Common Components

      About Notes, Tasks, and Attachments
      Creating and Editing a Note
      Creating a Task
      Adding and Modifying an Attachment
      Adding or Removing a Contact Point
      Adding or Removing Groups and Users From an Offer
Security and User Types
User Profile Overview
      Changing Password
      Setting Calendar Preferences
      Personalizing Navigation and Display
      Setting Application Preferences
Trade Profile
System Parameters
Custom Setups, Mandatory Rules, and Locking Rules

Home Page and Calendar

Home Page
      News and Encyclopedia
      Resources and Reports
      Calendar Views
      Adding a Team Member and Checking Availability
      About Public Calendar
      Creating an Appointment