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Oracle Telecommunications Billing Integrator Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13596-04
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Oracle Telecommunications Billing Integrator Implementation Guide


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Introduction to Telecommunications Billing Integrator

Telecommunications Billing Integrator Overview
Telecommunications Billing Integrator Features
Publishing Information to the Billing Applications
Products Used in TBI
Grouped Sales Order Message
Publish Bill To Accounts for a Sales Order
Additional TCA Events for Account Update Message
Enhancements to Account Message
Enhancements to Sales Order Message
Uptake of JMS Compliant Queues in XML Gateway

Implementing Telecommunications Billing Integrator

Implementation Considerations
TBI with TSO
Middleware in TBI
External Billing Applications

Implementation Tasks for Oracle Telecommunications Billing Integrator

Implementation Tasks
Setting Up XML Gateway
Defining XML Gateway Profile Values
Defining UTL_FILE_DIR Parameters
Defining XML Standards
Defining a Hub
Defining Hub Users
Defining Transactions
Internal and External Transactions in XML Gateway
Transactions Enabled for TBI
Defining Trading Partners
Setting Up Oracle Collaboration History
Defining Collaboration History Profile Values
Defining Lookup Values for Collaboration
Setting Up Collaboration Events
Setting up the Final Collaboration Event
Checking Status of Agent Listeners
Setting Up Bill Summary UI
Defining Bill Summary UI Profile Options
Providing Access and Enabling the Bill Summary UI
Personalizing Oracle Contact Center for TBI
Accessing the Bill Summary UI from Oracle Contact Center
Loading Bill Summary Data
Integration with Order Management Workflow Processes
Integrating Workflow Process for Publishing Account Information
Integrating Workflow Process for Publishing Sales Order Information
Defining Sales Order Line Profile Option
Creating the Workflow Function
Integrating Workflow Process for Publishing Group Sales Order Information
Setting Up and Running the Item Publish Concurrent Program
Item Batch Export Profile Values
Submitting the Item Publish Request
Subscribing to Account Update Events
Supported Events
Configuring the Middleware

Configuring Oracle Applications InterConnect

Oracle Applications InterConnect Overview
Setting Up OAI Hub
Setting up OAI Adapter for Advanced Queues
Dropping the Hub Schema
Importing OAI Maps to the Repository

APIs in Telecommunications Billing Integrator

Bill Summary Bulk Insert APIs
Bill Summary Public Table Type: BILL_SUMMARIES_TABLE
Bill Summary Public Record Type: BILL_SUMMARIES_REC

Message Maps and DTDs for XML Gateway

Maps and DTDs Overview
Loading and Deleting Maps
Loading and Deleting DTDs

XML Messages in TBI

XML Message Overview
Outbound and Inbound BOD
XML Message Format
Outbound Messages
Inbound Messages
Seeded XML Messages
Message Specifications for Account Information
Message Specifications for Sales Order Line
Message Specifications for Product/Item
Message Specifications For Group Sales Order Line