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Oracle Property Manager Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13611-04
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Function Security

This appendix describes how you can use function security to control user access to Oracle Property Manager.

This appendix covers the following topics:

Function Security in Oracle Property Manager

Use function security to control access to Oracle Property Manager functionality.

Each Oracle Property Manager form performs one or more business functions. A function is a part of an application's functionality that is registered under a unique name for the purpose of assigning it to, or excluding it from an Oracle Property Manager responsibility.

Oracle Property Manager comes predefined with one responsibility, Property Manager, with its own set of preregistered functions assigned to it. Your system administrator can register additional functions and can customize your responsibilities by assigning or not assigning new functions to existing responsibilities, or by creating new responsibilities.

There are two types of functions: form and subfunction.

Your System Administrator can submit the Function Security Menu Reports request set. This request set includes the Function Security Functions report, which shows a complete list of Payables functions assigned to the Oracle Property Manager responsibility.

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