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Oracle General Ledger Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13620-04
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Business Events

Business Event System Seed Data for Oracle General Ledger

The Oracle Workflow Business Event System, introduced in Release 2.6, allows products to seed business events and event subscriptions. The seeded business events in General Ledger are listed below.

You can define subscriptions to seeded events that specify the processing to perform when these events occur.

See Also: To View and Maintain Event Subscriptions, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide.

Seeded Business Events

The following are General Ledger seeded business events:

Account Disabled

A General Ledger account is disabled in the GL Accounts window or by the Inherit Segment Value Attributes program.

Period Opened

A period is opened for the first time.

Period Closed

A period is closed.

Period Re-Opened

A period is re-opened after it was previously closed.

Journal Import Started

The journal import process has been initiated.

Journal Import Completed

The journal import process has completed.

Posting Completed

Posting has completed.

Accounting Setup Completed

Accounting setup is marked complete in Accounting Setup Manager.

Reporting Currency Deleted

REPORTING CURRENCY is deleted from accounting setup.

Secondary Ledger Deleted

Secondary Ledger is deleted from accounting setup.

Ledger Balancing Segment Value Removed

Balancing segment value is removed from ledger.

Legal Entity Balancing Segment Removed

Balancing segment value is removed from legal entity.

Legal Entity Removed from Accounting Setup

Legal entity is removed from accounting setup.