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Oracle E-Business Tax Reporting Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13630-03
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EMEA VAT Reporting

Oracle Financials for Europe EMEA VAT Reporting

The EMEA VAT Reporting feature in Oracle Financials for Europe lets EMEA countries manage their VAT reporting requirements. The EMEA VAT reports make use of the E-Business tax data extract to retrieve VAT transaction information based on your tax configuration and tax rules setup. You can use EMEA VAT Reporting to organize tax report data according to the requirements of your company and the tax authority.

EMEA VAT reports are XML reports that let you control the report presentation using report templates and XML Publisher.

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EMEA VAT Reports

This section lists all of the EMEA VAT reports.

Running the European Sales List (ESL) Report

The European Sales List (ESL) report can be used to display the Intra EU service, goods, or triangulation transactions in European Union (EU) member states other than your own. For these transaction to appear jointly or in separate ESL reports, you must specify the relevant Tax Reporting Type and the Reporting Code created under it.

Important: This is an XML based report. Customized report layouts can be built using the Tax Reporting Ledger (TRL) and Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher. This report displays only cross border Intra EU transactions. Prior to submitting this report you must set the VAT Member State codes for all the EU countries in the Countries and Territories window.


(N) E-Business Tax > Request > European Sales Listing

Selected Parameters

In the Parameters window, enter the required parameters:

Important: The report output has a column named Country. The value for this column is derived based on the first two characters of the tax registration number specified on the Site Reported parameter. If they match the VAT member state code of the country/territory, then that is taken as Country. Oracle recommends that you always prefix the tax registration number with the country code. If the tax registration number specified for the site reported does not have the first two characters as country code or it does not match with the VAT member state code of the country or territory, then the country code of the address for the site reported (ESL report selection parameter) is printed on the report.