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Oracle Loans User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13646-04
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Oracle Loans Reports

This appendix covers the following topics:

LNS: Loan Agreement Report

Use this report to provide a document of all loan details that can be used to obtain the borrower's signature as part of the loan closing process. This report contains all critical loan information about the borrowers, loan details, interest rates, collateral, fees, conditions, amortization schedules, funding, and outstanding receivables, if applicable. After the loan is active, the details for Loan Agreement cannot be changed.

LNS: Loans Portfolio Report

Use this report to view all loans in your portfolio grouped by status, based on the selected parameters. Deleted loans are not included. This report provides the number and value of all loans your organization manages in each phase of the loan lifecycle. Report parameters include:

LNS: Loans Reconciliation Report

Use this report to reconcile Loans information with Receivables information. It compares the loan balance and related billing events originating in Loans with the payments, netting credits, other credits, and adjustments applied in Receivables. Report parameters include: