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Oracle Process Manufacturing Process Execution User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13652-05
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Ingredient Picking Workbench

Understand how to find and pick ingredients for a batch. View the batch list summary information and identify picking materials and the ingredient summary.

This chapter covers the following topics:


Can you automate the process of material staging to production?

Yes. Ingredient picking lets you automate, manage, and control the gathering of required materials for proper staging at their points of use. For some businesses, this process may not be required or may be unmanageable. The application lets you use the Ingredient Picking feature optionally.

Is the ingredient picking process available for non-Warehouse Management Systems organizations?

Yes. The Ingredient Picking process is available for both Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and non-WMS organizations. Inventory picking rules are used for non-WMS enabled organizations. When WMS is not used, some advanced features such as cross docking, rule based allocation, and warehouse picking task management are not available.

Does the Ingredient Picking process consider reservations?

Yes. The Ingredient Picking process considers the detailed level reservations. The system can be configured so that, if a detailed (subinventory/locator and lot/sublot are specified) reservation is found for an ingredient, then it is used to create the transaction and the picking rules are not used.

Understanding Ingredient Picking

Ingredient picking refers to the process of moving materials from one or more source locations and issuing them to a staging subinventory before they are consumed. This process is also called material staging to production. Firm Plan Orders (FPO) and lab batches with update inventory indicator set to No are not eligible for ingredient picking.

Ingredient picking allows paperless picking of raw materials required by production by using:

The use of the ingredient picking feature is optional and is designed to work with both Oracle Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and non-WMS organization. If you install WMS, then the following features are available:

Refer to the Oracle Warehouse Management User’s Guide for more information.

When an ingredient line is picked:

Finding Ingredient Requirements for Picking

The Find Batches window lets you enter selection criteria to find batches that have ingredient requirements.


To find batches with ingredient requirements

  1. Navigate to the Find Batches window.

  2. Make no entries to search for all records. Enter a combination of any of the following search criteria in the Standard and Advanced tabs to narrow the search:


  1. Enter Batches as:

  2. Enter any of the following:

  3. Select Include Pending to search for pending batches.

  4. Select Include WIP to search for WIP batches.


  1. Select any of the following Items:

  2. Condition lets you select a comparison operator. Select one of the following Conditions for the item to build a relational expression:

  3. The following conditions are available for queries based on dates:

  4. Enter a Value for the selected condition.

  5. Click Find.

  6. The following information displays in the Results section:

Viewing the Batch List Summary

The Batch List Summary window displays the list of batches that meet the criteria entered on the Find Batches window.


To view the batch list summary

  1. Navigate to the Find Batches window.

  2. Query batches as described in the "Finding Ingredient Requirements for Picking" topic.

  3. Click Requirements.

  4. Click the Batch node.

  5. The following information displays:

  6. Use the results to perform picking as described in "Picking Material."

Viewing Batch Summary Information

The Batch Summary window lets you view the batch information.


To view batch summary information

  1. Navigate to the Batch List summary window.

  2. Click the batch node for which you require the information.

  3. The following information displays:

Picking Material

Pick material for batches using the Batch List Summary window. A move order is created when you pick material. You can also plan tasks and create pick slips based on pick slip grouping rules.

Refer to the Oracle Inventory User’s Guide and the Oracle Warehouse Management User’s Guide for information on move orders, pick slip grouping rules, and creating tasks.

To pick material for a batch

  1. Navigate to the Batch List summary window.

  2. Select Include to select the batch that you want to pick material for. When you select the batch, move orders are created for all the ingredients of the batch, that need to be moved to the supply subinventory. You cannot delete selected ingredients from a batch.

  3. Enter a Pick Slip Grouping Rule.

  4. Select Print Pick Slips to automatically submit a request to print the Pick Slip report.

  5. Select Plan Tasks to create picking tasks for Oracle Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to release the tasks. This is not enabled for non-WMS organizations.

  6. Click Pick Material. When the pick release is complete a message displays the move order number.

    If partial allocation occurs due to unavailable inventory, then the following message displays:

    “Material requirements for some of the selected ingredients could not be fully allocated.”

    A backorder is created for the remaining quantities of the ingredients. You can perform repicking for these ingredients by querying batches with backorders. Refer to "Finding Ingredient Requirements for Picking" for more information.

  7. Click OK.

Viewing the Ingredient Summary

The Ingredient Summary window lets you view the ingredient information for a specific batch.

To view the ingredient summary

  1. Navigate to the batch to view the ingredient information for.

  2. Click on the required ingredient.

  3. The following information displays: