Oracle Process Manufacturing Process Planning User's Guide


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Understanding Advanced Supply Chain Planning Integration with Oracle Process Manufacturing

Advantages of Using ASCP
Mapping OPM Data to ASCP

Understanding Material Planning

Oracle Process Manufacturing Planning Terminology
Planning Classes
      Defining Planning Classes
Master Production Scheduling Parameters
      MPS and OPM Sales Orders
      MPS and Forecasts
Defining a Schedule

Setting Up

Setting Up in Other Applications
Setting Up Profile Options
Setting Up OPM Data
Recipes, Formulas, Validity Rules, and Routings
      Setting Up Formulas
      Setting Up Recipes
      Setting Up OPM Validity Rules
      Setting Up OPM Routings
Resource Information and ASCP Capacity Planning

Working Relationship Between ASCP and Process Manufacturing Products

      Data Collection Process
Substituting Items in APS
Defining Firmed Batches
Defining Minimum Transfer Quantity Requirements
Considering Post Processing Leadtime for Purchased Items
      Post Processing Leadtime for Purchasing Suggestions
      Hold Release Date for Lot Availability
Considering the Leadtime Calculator
Planning for Bottleneck Resources
      Defining Bottleneck Resources
Consuming Forecasts in Advanced Supply Chain Planning
Initiating Resource Simulation
Understanding Planned Order Detail Feedback
      Analysis of Suggestions
Rescheduling Existing Batches
Accepting or Rejecting ASCP Planner Workbench Cancellation Suggestions
Scheduling New Batches from ASCP Planner Workbench Suggestions

Using OPM Supply Chain Planner

Implementing Planning Suggestions
      Manual Release and Implementation of Planning Suggestions
      Fully Automatic Release and Implementation of Production Planning Suggestions
      Semiautomatic Release and Implementation of Production Planning Suggestions
Running the Schedule Process Batches Concurrent Program
Viewing the Scheduling Exceptions
Defining Generic Resources
Defining Plant Resource Parameters
Defining Resource Devices
Integrating with Enterprise Asset Management
Linking Each Resource Instance to a Serial Numbered Asset
Defining Alternate Resources
Regenerating Targeted Resource Availability
Viewing Resource Availability
Defining Resource Exceptions
Defining Resource Unavailability
Setting Up Resource classes
Viewing Resource Instance Available Time
Running the Generate Resource Availability Concurrent Program
Resource Availability
Setting Up Process Parameters
Defining Process Parameters Set
Setting Up Generic Resource Parameters
Editing Plant Resource Parameters
Setting Up Sequence Dependencies
Viewing Sequence Dependent Items

Using OPM Material Planner

Viewing MPS Bucketed Material Information
Viewing MRP Material Activity Information
Defining a Schedule

Process Planning Report

Running the Planning Detail Report
Resource Dispatch Report
Running the MPS Bucketed Material Report

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