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ADJI - Inventory Adjustment - Immediate link
ADJR - Inventory Adjustment - Journaled link
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BAL - Balance Qty - For MRP link


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CMOR - Combined MORD link
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  text tokens link

CREI - Create New Inventory - Immediate link
CRER - Create New Inventory - Journaled link
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DDOR - Dummy DORD link
DMOR - Divided MORD link
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DXFR-Process/ Discreet Inventory Transfer link


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FCST - Forecast link
FPO - Firm Planned Order link


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GLVN - General Ledger Voucher No. link
GRDI - Change Grade - Immediate link
GRDR - Change Grade Journaled link


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JRNL - Inventory Quantities Document Sequencing link


Lookups window link link


MGRI - Mass Grade Update - Immediate link
MSTI - Journaled Sales Return - Mass Status Update - Immediate link
MTRI - Mass Movement - Immediate link


OMSO - Order Management link
OPBO - Blanket Sales Orders link
OPCR - Credit Memo Document Number link
OPDB - Debit Memo Document Number link
OPIN - Invoices link
OPOP - Sales Order Profiles link
OPSO - Sales Orders link
OPSP - Shipment link
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PBPO - Blanket Purchase Orders link
PBPR - Planned BPO Release link
PICY - Physical Inventory - Cycle No link
PIPH - Physical Inventory - Physical link
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PORC - Oracle Purchasing Receipts/Returns/Corrections link
PORD - Purchase Orders link
POSR - Stock Receipts link
PPRD - Planned Production link
PPUR - Planned Purchase link
PRCV - Material in Receiving link
PREQ - Purchase Requisition link
PTRN - Planned Transfer link
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Purchase Orders window link
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Purge Inquiry window link
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RECV - OPM Receipts link
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REPI - Replace Quantity/Status - Immediate link
REPR - Replace Quantity/Status - Journaled link
Role link
RTRN - OPM Purchase Return (Rglr/Stock Receipt) link
RVAL - Cost Revaluation Process link


Session Parameters window link
SHMT - Internal Order Shipment link
SHRT - MRP - Document Type for Shortage link
SMPL link
STBL- OPM Quality Stability Study Numbers link
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STSI - Change Status - Immediate link
STSR - Change Status - Journaled link
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TRNI - Inventory Movement - Immediate link
TRNR - Inventory Movement - Journaled link


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Workflow Activation window link
Workflow Activity Configuration Framework window link
Workflow Activity Configuration window link
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Workflow Process Activation window link link link
Workflow Process Configuration Framework window link
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XFER - Required to Operate the Transfer window link
XPRD - Phantom link
XSHT - Phantom Shortage link