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Oracle Financials for India Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13657-05
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Overview of Setting Up Oracle India Localization


Implementing a Tax solution for India for each regime has specific needs. Oracle India Localization helps you to meet the Tax defaulting, calculation and accounting requirement arising from the Central Excise, Customs, Sales Tax and Income Tax (restricted to TDS and generation of FA schedule) regimes. India Localization also provides you with valuable information which can be used both for statutory and management reporting. However, it is very important to know how to implement the solution, in order to meet the requirements of your organization and Tax Authorities, effectively.

This section contains a checklist that includes tasks to be performed to complete the implementation of Oracle India Localization. It lists the steps required to implement Oracle India Localization along with advanced implementation topics for you to consider.

Before you set up Oracle India Localization, you should have completed relevant Base Application Setup.

Oracle India Localization provides following responsibilities. Each of them is associated with a Standard Application Responsibility

Oracle Inventory - India Local Inventory

Oracle Purchasing - India Local Purchasing

Oracle Payables - India Local Payables

Oracle Order Management - India Local Order Management

Oracle Receivables - India Local Receivables

Oracle Fixed Assets - India Local Fixed Assets

To further help you implement Oracle India Localization; the next chapter walks you through a sample implementation for Vision India Limited, a fictitious manufacturing organization. For each implementation step, we explain how Vision India implements Oracle India Localization. By studying Vision India’s implementation, you can learn more about how to implement your own policies, practices, and procedures using Oracle India Localization.

See: About Vision India Ltd: An Example of Setting Up Oracle India Localization.

Vision India may not have implemented all of the features available in this release of Oracle India Localization.

Important: This is an example and not a part of Vision Database. The mentioned setups need to be carried out by an implementation partner to demonstrate features of India Localization product.