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Oracle Financials for India User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13658-03
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Oracle Financials for India User Guide


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India Local Inventory

Miscellaneous Transactions Overview
Inventory & WIP Transactions Overview
Organization Information
Managing India Local Inventory
RG - I Register Entry
RG 23 Register Entry
Apply Time Extension
Master Organization RG Consolidation
View Register Balance
View Item Definition
Outside Processing Transaction
Processing Inter Organization Transfer Transactions

India Local Purchasing

Defining Tax Overview
Outside Processing Transactions
Receiving Corrections
Mass Tax Update
Transactions Handled
Encumbrance Accounting
Setting Up India Local Purchasing
Managing Purchasing Transactions
Receiving Corrections
Using India - Mass Tax Update
Receipts (Localized)
India Localization Receipt Details
Retroactive Pricing

India Local Payables

eTDS Returns
Bill of Entry (BOE)
Capture Personal Ledger Account (PLA) Payment
Tracking of Sales Tax Forms Issues
Third Party Taxes - Additions to Fixed Assets
Defining TCS Authority
Managing TDS Transactions
Service Type Review
BOE Invoices
PLA Invoices/Payment
Using Sales Tax Declaration Forms - Issue Tracking
India - FA Mass Additions
Define Invoice Tolerance Limits
View / Resubmit / Delete Error Tax Lines
Account Payables Standalone Invoice

India Local Order Management

Sales Order India Localized
Fulfilled Orders India Localized
Sales Order Returns India Localized
AR3A Form Receipt Tracking
Managing Order Management Transactions

India Local Receivables

Transactions (Localized) Overview
Managing TCS Trasactions
TCS Settlement
Tracking of ST Forms Receipts
AR 3A Form Receipt Tracking Overview
RG Consolidation
Supplementary Transactions Overview
Duty Drawback Processing
TDS Certificates Received Overview
Setting Up Concurrent Programs
Managing Receivables Transactions
Using Sales Tax Declaration Forms - Receipt Tracking

India Local Fixed Assets

Fixed Asset Depreciation Calculation

Trading Functionality

Trading Functionality Overview
Match Receipts Localized Overview

India Local Projects

Projects Costing
      Solution Flow
      Integrating with Purchasing
      Integrating with Payables
      Integrating with Inventory
India Local Projects Billing
      Setting Up Projects Billing Tax Defaults and Preferences
      Enter events or expenditures and distribute costs in Oracle Projects
      Generate draft revenue
      Generate Draft Invoices
      Credit Memos and Foreign Currency Invoices

India Local iProcurement

India Local iProcurement Overview
Processing iProcurement Transactions
Purchase Orders

India Local iSupplier

iSupplier Overview
Processing iSupplier Transactions
Buyer Actions

India Local Advanced Pricing

Advanced Pricing Overview
Assessable Value

India Local Inclusive Tax

India Local Inclusive Tax