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Oracle Asset Tracking User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13672-06
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GIS Integration: Custom Map Viewer

This chapter covers the following topics:

GIS Integration: Custom Map Viewer

In addition to using Google maps or ESRI to display assets in Oracle Asset Tracking, you can also use a custom web-based HTML map viewer.

By using this custom map viewer, you can:

Setting Up the Custom Map Viewer

You must perform some setup tasks before you can use the custom map viewer.


Setting Up the Custom Map Viewer Profile Value

Follow these steps to define the profile value to use with the custom map viewer.

  1. Navigate to the System Administrator responsibility, and access the Find System Profile Values page (System Administrator > System Profiles Values > Find System Profile Values).

  2. Perform a query to search for CSI%MAP%.

  3. Select the CSI:Mapviewer Name profile option name.

    The System Profile Values page appears.

  4. Select the Custom value in the User column.

  5. Save your work.