Overview of the Nonconformance and Dispositions Solution

This chapter covers the following topics:

Nonconformance and Dispositions Solution

The Nonconformance and Dispositions system solution templates enable the process of implementing a nonconformance and disposition system, while leveraging existing functionality within Oracle Quality and other modules within the e-Business Suite.

Solution Templates

Solution Templates aid in the ease of implementation with a pre-configured set of seeded collection plans. This set of seeded collection plans can be copied to real plans, modified if necessary, and implemented, enabling the implementation cycle time to be greatly reduced.


The Nonconformance and Disposition Solution objectives are to primarily perform the following business functions:


In order to achieve the Solution Template objectives, the solution templates contain the following contents:


The following table summarizes the key features provides with the Nonconformance and Disposition Solution. The details on how some of these features can be implemented are provided in later chapters:

Solution Template Features
Key Feature Supported Activities
Nonconformance Management and MRB Log and track a nonconformance through its lifecycle
MRB discussion threads to review nonconformances
Segregation of nonconforming material
Audit trail on changes made to nonconformances
E-mail alerts and workflow notifications to assign actions (for example, review and approval) for nonconformance lifecycle progress
Different modes of use: Transaction Integration, Inspection Plan Integration, and Direct Data Entry
Enterprise Wide Applicability Receiving and Supplier Inspection
Work in Process Inspections
Finished Goods Inspection
Inventory/Warehouse Inspection
Equipment Maintenance
Service Applications
Disposition Management Multiple Dispositions for a single nonconformance
E-mail alerts and workflow notifications to assign and/or inform individuals for disposition implementation
Maintain audit trail of dispositions
Automated Disposition Action Processing Work in Process Dispositions
Creation of Rework Discrete Job
Addition of Rework Operations
Move to Rework Operation
WIP Scrap
Component Return and Issue
Inventory Dispositions
Inventory Scrap
Move Order to segregate nonconforming material
Security and Privileges Existing user group functionality
Assignment of Privileges to create, update, insert, and/or delete from a collection plan
Menu Options Menu options to invoke the nonconformance and dispositions in Enter, Update, and View modes