Logging Nonconformances using MSCA and Oracle Warehouse Management

Overview of Logging Nonconformances

For customers who intend to log nonconformance via Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA) and/or Oracle Warehouse Management, additional setup steps need to be executed to utilize the Nonconformance and Disposition solution. By performing the steps below, nonconformance can be logged using the mobile device and subsequent review and progress of the nonconformance can be performed using the desktop.

Process Steps

Following are the steps that need to be performed for logging nonconformances using MSCA and Oracle Warehouse Management.

Setting Up

Create a stand-alone Collection Plan

A stand-alone mobile nonconformance plan needs to be created with a subset of elements from the Nonconformance Master. The elements should be relevant to the transaction that most likely will enter the nonconformance.

Because quality collection plans can be initiated from several mobile transactions that broadly fall into the categories of Receiving, Work In Process, and Inventory, if appropriate stand-alone collection plans, for each functional area, can be created. Refer to Appendix D for examples and the steps involved in creating the stand-alone collection plans.

Create an Action to Copy Nonconformance Information to the Nonconformance Master

The next step is to create an action in the mobile collection plan that will copy the nonconformance information from the mobile plan to the Nonconformance Master. This action is an Execute a SQL Script. An example of this is covered in Appendix D.

Associate the Plan with the Respective Mobile Transaction

The next step is to associate the new collection plan with the appropriate mobile transaction. Some mobile transactions that can be associated to the stand-alone collection plans are Mobile Completion, Mobile License Plate Number Inspection, Mobile Move, and Mobile Receiving.

Logging Nonconformances

Enter a Nonconformance using MSCA and/or Oracle Warehouse Management

When performing the mobile transactions in MSCA or Oracle Warehouse Management, if a nonconformance needs to be logged, you can invoke the appropriate stand-alone quality collection plan that was created in previous steps. You can then record the nonconformance. The background action populates the Nonconformance Master and an e-mail or workflow notification is sent to the Nonconformance owner.

Nonconformance Review and Other Steps in the Lifecycle

After the nonconformance owner receives a notification, he or she can query on the nonconformance via the forms application. The owner can review the nonconformance and perform other steps in the lifecycle, as described in Chapter 4.