Overview of the Corrective Action Solution

This chapter covers the following topics:

Overview of Solution Templates

The Corrective Action Solution enables you to track and implement Corrective Action Requests via a pre-configured set of seeded collection plans. This chapter contains the following topics:

Solution Templates

Solution Templates aid in the ease of implementation with a pre-configured set of seeded collection plans. This set of seeded collection plans can be copied to real plans, modified if necessary, and implemented, enabling the implementation cycle time to be greatly reduced.


The Corrective Action Solution is comprised of several objectives, including the following:


To achieve the Solution Template objectives, the templates contain the following:


The following table summarizes the key features provided with the Corrective Action Solution. Implementation details, on some of these features, are provided in later chapters:

Solution Template Features
Key Feature Supported Activities
Submission of Corrective Action Requests Ability to submit Corrective Action Requests (CAR) and track them using an unique identifier
Different modes of submission: Direct Data Entry, Transaction Integration, Collection Plan Integration
Identification of the source, severity, quality standards violated, etc.
Information to the owner or assignee through e-mail alerts and workflow notifications
Audit Trail on changes made to a CAR
CAR Lifecycle Multiple phases/actions can be tracked for a CAR via Review and Analysis, Containment, Corrective Action, Preventive Action, Implementation, and Implementation Effectiveness
Each phase/action can have an assignee
The assignee can update the CAR with the relevant information
The owner reviews the CAR and closes it if there are no pending actions
Supply Chain Applicability Can be used to track customer initiated CAR, internal CAR, and supplier CAR
CAR can be submitted, based upon the context of the initiation (Purchase Order, Sales Order, Work Order, etc.)
Cost Tracking Review and Implementation costs can be captured for a CAR
Costs can be rolled up to the CAR to indicate Total Review and Total Implementation costs
ECO Header Submission ECO Submission resulting from a CAR can be initiated from a Quality Collection Plan
Security and Privileges Existing user group functionality
Assignment of Privileges to create, update, insert, and/or delete from a collection plan
Menu Options Menu options to invoke the corrective action requests in Enter, Update, and View modes