Tailoring Your Solution

Overview of Tailoring Your Solutions

This chapter illustrates how the solutions can be tailored to suit your organization requirements. This chapter lists only examples for tailoring your implementation.The examples in this chapter are not part of Oracle’s code; they have not been tested or certified by Oracle. Customers and implementors must use their discretion before implementing.

Workflow Configuration

This solution includes generic workflow notifications for the Audit set of collection plans. You can replace these workflows with your own workflows. You can design Workflow notification messages in your own format. Responses entered on the notification can be written back to collection plans.

Refer to Appendix M for a list of seeded workflow notifications provided as part of the audits solution.


Workflow Configuration in Tailoring your Solution chapter for Nonconformances and Disposition Solution and the Corrective Action Requests.

Tailoring E-mail Notifications

You can modify all e-mail notification message text, according to your business conventions. For example, you can include the Personal Home Page URL of Oracle Applications. Recipients of the e-mail are then easily directed to Oracle Applications, enabling ease in Audit response.

To tailor e-mail notifications:

  1. (N) Quality: Setup > Collection Plan

  2. Perform a query on the collection plan associated with the notification needing modification.

  3. Select the Send Email element.

  4. Choose Action.

  5. Select the Send an electronic email notification action, then choose Action Details.

  6. The text area contains the notification’s message text.

Tips and Techniques

Refer to the Tips and Techniques given in the Nonconformance and Disposition Solutions.