Using the Touch Screen User Interface

Overview: Touch Screen User Interface

Oracle Process Manufacturing provides support for touch screen devices. A touch screen is an input device that allows users to operate a PC by touching the display screen. Touch input is suitable for a wide variety of computing applications. Often, shop floor operators need a user interface that requires minimal training and can be used in an environment where keyboards and pointing devices are not available. The touch screen interface provides keypads for alphanumeric data entry so a keyboard may not be necessary for the touch screen device.

You can use the touchscreen interface as a front end to the Operator Workbench to perform batch transactions and execute process instructions, or to perform dispensing and reverse dispensing operations. The touch screen application supports use of Dispense Areas and Dispensing Booths. Create, modify, or delete touch screen preferences for a Responsibility, Site, or User.

Creating Touch Screen Preferences

You create Touchscreen Preferences from the Touchscreen Preferences window. You can also update, delete, or duplicate existing Touchscreen Preferences from the Touchscreen Preferences window.

To create touch screen preferences

  1. Navigate to the Touchscreen Preferences window.

  2. Click Create to create a new Touchscreen Preference, or use the Search region to select an existing Touchscreen Preference for viewing, modification, or deletion.

  3. In the Preferences Level region, select Responsibility, Site, or User from the Level list.

    You can create many combinations of preferences using the Touchscreen Preferences Window. Individual user preferences will override the Responsibility and Site preferences that also exist.

  4. If you selected User or Responsibility from the Level list, then enter or search for the User or the Responsibility for which you are creating the preferences. Required.

  5. Enter or search for the appropriate Organization. Required.

  6. In the Operator Workbench region, select a measure of time from the Query Time Range list. Select any additional time details, as required.

  7. Enter or search for a Default Resource.

  8. In the Dispensing region set preferences for Dispense and Reverse Dispense, as required by entering or search for a Dispense Area.

  9. Select a measure of time from the Query Time Range list. Select any additional time details, as required.

  10. Select the default Mode for dispensing.

  11. Select the defaults for inclusion of a Palette Label, Dispense Label or Material Label.

  12. In the Scale area, enter or search for the Source, Target and Full Mode Default Device.

  13. Click Apply to save the Touch Screen Preferences.