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Oracle Process Manufacturing Regulatory Management User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13693-04
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Regulatory Management Overview

This topic explains setting up regulatory management and the document management process.

This chapter covers the following topics:

Regulatory Management Processes

Using OPM Regulatory Management, store defined and calculated physical properties like color, boiling point, for inventory items, and upload documents that you are required to provide to customers when you supply hazardous materials. Items that are hazardous are created in Oracle Inventory with the hazardous flag checked. All regulatory management documents are generated by the partner application.

Formula explosions can be printed on documents based on your specifications. Formulas with Production effectivities display all ingredients, and those with regulatory effectivities show only those ingredients that you are required to report. For technical parameters that are mapped to the field names in OPM Regulatory Management, the technical data is also captured in the document generated by the partner application.

Multilingual Support

The OPM Regulatory Management application supports multilingual data. Use any single character set that you require such as Western European or Eastern European. However, if you require multiple character sets, use a common character set, such as the UTF8 character set.

If you are upgrading from Oracle Applications or Oracle Process Manufacturing applications versions prior to release 11i and are implementing a different character set, verify that your data is not truncated or corrupted. Generally, text requires more space when it is converted to the UTF8 character set. However, each character set has its own conversion characteristics.

See: Oracle Applications Installation Manuals

Set up the following data in every language that you require:

Seed Data

The OPM Regulatory Management application seeds basic information to ease implementation. The following items are seeded:

Setting Up Regulatory Management

Following is the process for setting up Oracle Process Management (OPM) Regulatory Management:

  1. Set up organizations, customers, responsibilities, languages, and profile options in Oracle Applications.

  2. Set up items in Oracle Inventory.

  3. Set up formulas in Formulator.

  4. Complete Regulatory Management Setup in order, then Items.

  5. Print the Reports.