Statement Rules

This chapter covers the following topics:

Overview of Statement Rules

You define a Statement Rule by entering text rather than building the rule interactively by selecting Model structure nodes and operators. A Statement Rule must be written using the Constraint Definition Language (CDL), a rule modeling language that both Configurator Developer and the runtime Oracle Configurator recognize. You can use Statement Rules to define simple to very complex expressions.

Statement Rules can define a Logic or Comparison relationship, a Numeric contribution or consumption, or a Property-based Compatibility relationship. Explicit Compatibilities and Design Charts cannot be expressed using a Statement Rule.

You can also convert an existing Logic Rule, Numeric Rule, Property-based Compatibility Rule, or Comparison Rule to a Statement Rule, and then extend its definition using CDL. After a rule is converted to a Statement Rule and then saved, it cannot be converted back to its original format.

Statement Rules enable you to:

The basic steps for defining a Statement Rule are described in Defining Statement Rules.

For details about CDL, see the Overview of the Constraint Definition Language, Oracle Configurator Constraint Definition Language Guide.