This appendix defines the terms that found in the Oracle Configurator Implementation Guide that are not defined in the Glossary.

This appendix covers the following topics:


This chapter presents terminology used in this book and not included in the Glossary of Terms and Acronyms.

The following table lists terms that are used throughout this book.

Terminology Used in This Book
Term Description
concurrent manager A process manager that coordinates the concurrent processes generated by users’ concurrent requests. An Oracle Applications product group can have several concurrent managers.
concurrent process A task that can be scheduled and is run by a concurrent manager. A concurrent process runs simultaneously with interactive functions and other concurrent processes.
concurrent processing facility An Oracle Applications facility that runs time-consuming, non-interactive tasks in the background.
concurrent request A user-initiated request issued to the concurrent processing facility to submit a non-interactive task, such as running a report.
ICX Inter-Cartridge Exchange

See the Glossary for additional terms.