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Oracle Human Resources Management Systems FastFormula User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E14567-11
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Oracle Human Resources Management Systems FastFormula User Guide


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Oracle FastFormula Overview
Oracle FastFormula
Uses for Oracle FastFormula
Introduction to Formula Components
Formula Writing Techniques
FastFormula Assistant Overview
Formula Reference
Input Values in Payroll Formulas
Arithmetic Operators
Formula Compilation
Formula Errors
Database Items
Static Database Items
Static Database Items for Oracle US Federal HR
Dynamic Database Items
Formulas for Payroll Legislative Checks
Formulas for Benefits Administration
Total Compensation Formula Types
Benefit Uplift Formulas for Spain
Writing Formulas for Accrual Plans
Writing Formulas To Calculate Absence Duration
Writing Formulas to Calculate Eligibility for a Collective Agreement Entitlement
Editing Assignment Set Formulas
Writing Formulas for Templates
Writing Proration Formulas
Writing Formulas for EEO Employment Categories
Writing Formulas for Person Number Generation
Writing Formulas for Rating Competencies and Objectives
Writing or Editing a Formula
Writing Payroll Formulas for Elements
Writing Formulas for Element Skip Rules
Copying and Adding Features to a QuickPaint Formula
Writing Formulas for Validation
Writing Formulas for Default Assignment Costing
Writing Formulas for Rate By Criteria Calculations
Defining Global Values
Bulk Compiling Formulas
Generating the Formula Wrapper
Registering a Function
Sample Accrual Formula
Sample Proration Formula
Editing a Quick Paint Formula Example
Checking an Element Entry Example
Checking a User Table Entry Example
Sample Formula for Payroll Contact
Sample Appraisal Objective Line-Scoring Formulas
Sample Appraisal Competency Line-Scoring Formulas
Sample Appraisal Total Scoring Formulas
Sample Accrual Formula (Belgium)
Sample Accrual Formulas for Absence (Hungary)
Sample Formula for Base Holiday (Hungary)
Sample Formula for Additional Holiday (Hungary)
Sample Formula for Other Additional Holiday (Hungary)
Sample Formula for Sickness Holiday (Hungary)
Sample Formula for Carry Over Absence (Hungary)
Sample Formula for Validation of YEA Information (Korea)
Sample Formula for Processing Separation Pension (Korea)
Netherlands Reporting ABP Part Time Percentage
Netherlands Working Hours Formula
Netherlands Payee Name Formulas
Netherlands EFT Payment Override Formula
Formulas for Netherlands Wage Tax Subsidies
Formulas to Enable Additional Part-Time Percentages for the Netherlands
Sample Formulas for Payment Method (Saudi)
Sample Payroll Formulas Enabled for Proration (UK Only)
Sample Rates History Formulas (UK Only)
Sample Deduction Formula Calling the Arrearage Function (UK Only)
Canadian Legislative Functions
Hungarian Legislative Functions
Japanese Legislative Functions
Mexican Legislative Functions
South African Legislative Functions
UK Only Functions

HRMS Glossary