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Oracle Scripting Developer's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E14599-03
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Oracle Scripting Developer's Guide


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Understanding Script Author Commands

Action Types and Commands
      Where Commands are Defined in the Script Author
      Action Types
Command Types
      Java Commands
      Referencing Java Methods in Script Author
      Referencing Best Practice Java Methods in Script Author
      Passing the Proxy Bean as a Parameter to a Java Command
      Standard Java Naming and Usage Conventions
      Importing Scripting Classes into Java Source Files
      PL/SQL Commands
      Blackboard Commands
      Providing Values to the Blackboard
      Uses of the Blackboard Command
      Maintaining State in the Scripting Blackboard
      How Long Is Blackboard Information Retained?
      Using Scripting APIs
      Forms Commands
      Oracle Scripting Forms APIs
      Getting a Value from Forms-Based Oracle Applications
      Setting a Value in Forms-Based Applications
      Defining a Shortcut Button to Launch a Form
      Launching a Web Browser as a Script Action
      Calling APIs Customized for Use with Oracle Scripting
      Constant Commands
      Delete Actions

Customizing Oracle Scripting

Customization and Support
      Skill Sets and Experience Required for Oracle Scripting
      Using Best Practices and Building Blocks
Determining Where to Define a Command
Best Practice Java Methods
      Overview of Best Practice Java Methods
      Deciding Between Best Practice and Custom Java
      ScriptUtil Java Methods
      NodeDefault Java Methods
      NodeValidation Java Methods
      Referencing Best Practice Java in a Command
Passing Parameters to the Web Interface
Performing Advanced Graphical Script Tasks
      Defining a Shortcut Button
      Defining Shortcuts
      Enabling the Agent Interface Disconnect Button
      Enabling or Disabling a Shortcut Button
      Defining the Script Information Area
      Defining a Constant Command
      Using the Indeterminate Branch
      Using Iterating Parameters
      Querying the Database and Displaying Results
      Displaying Returned Values as Panel Text
      Displaying Returned Values as Panel Answer Lookup Values
      Understanding the Scripting Cursor
      Scripting Engine Cursor APIs
      Replacing a Panel with a Java Bean

Seeded Script Author Commands

Overview of Seeded Script Author Commands
Support Statement
Seeded Command Detail
      Create Lead
      Create Lead Opportunity
      Send Collateral
      Register for an Event
      Register Interest for Organization
      Register Interest for Contact
      Create Organization Contact
      Create Party Organization Type
      Create Party Site
      Create Person Party
      Create Location
      Update Organization Contact
      Update Party Site

Oracle Scripting Building Blocks

Overview of Building Blocks
How to Use Building Blocks
Summary Information on the Building Block Scripts
The Retrieve Customer Building Block Script

Best Practice Surveys

Best Practice Survey Script Considerations
Location of Best Practice Survey Scripts
Description of Best Practice Survey Scripts

Customizing Panel Layouts

Overview of Customizing Panel Layouts
Purpose and Limitations of the Panel Layout Editor
HTML Restrictions in the Scripting Engine
      Restrictions for Web and Agent Interfaces
      Web Interface Restrictions
      Agent Interface Restrictions
Oracle Scripting Custom HTML Syntax
      Panel-Level HTML Requirements and Syntax
      Answer UI-Level HTML Requirements and Syntax
      Radio Button Answer UI Panel Syntax
      Check box Group Answer UI Panel Syntax
      Button Answer UI Panel Syntax
      Continue Button Panel Syntax
      Embedded Value Syntax in Panel Text
Procedures for Customizing Panel Layouts
      Requirements for Answer Lookup Values
      Requirements for Panel Content
      Writing Panel Text Outside of the Script Author
      Exporting Panel Text, Adding JavaScript, and Importing