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Oracle Capacity User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E15189-04
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Windows and Navigator Paths

Windows and Navigator Paths

This appendix shows you the navigator path for each Oracle Capacity window. Refer to this appendix when you do not already know the navigator path for a window you want to use.

Capacity Windows and Navigator Paths

Although your system administrator may have customized your navigator, typical navigational paths include the following:

For windows described in other manuals
See Refer to this manual for a complete window description
BOM Oracle Bills of Material User’s Guide
CST Oracle Cost Management User’s Guide
Flex Oracle Applications Flexfields Manual
GL Oracle General Ledger User’s Guide
HR Oracle Human Resources User’s Guide
PO Oracle Purchasing User’s Guide
MRP Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP and Supply Chain Planning User’s Guide
SYS Oracle System Administrator’s Guide
User Oracle Applications User’s Guide

Note: Text in brackets ([ ]) indicates a button.

Window Name Navigation Path
Bill of Resource Items Bill of Resources > Bill of Resource Items
Bill of Resources > View Bill of Resource Items
Bill of Resource Requirements Bill of Resources > Bill of Resource Items > [Resource Requirements]
Bill of Resources Bill of Resources > Bill of Resource
Bill of Resources > View Bill of Resource
Change Organization (See MRP) Other > Change Organization
Concurrent Requests Summary (See User) Other > Request
CRP Resource Groups Lookups Setup > Resource Group
Horizontal Plan (RCCP) Capacity Plan > View RCCP > [Resource] > [Horizontal Capacity Plan]
Load Bill of Resource Bill of Resources > Load Bill of Resource
Personal Profile Values Other > Profile
Preferences Capacity Plan > View RCCP > Tools > Preferences
Resource (RCCP) Capacity Plan > View RCCP > [Resource]
Selection (RCCP) Capacity Plan > View RCCP
Simulation Sets Setup > Simulation Set
Submit Requests Reports