Message Categories

This chapter covers the following topics:

Overview of Message Categories

After processing demand requirements from trading partners, you must review the Release Management Exception Messages for that demand. Message Categories are used to organize the Exception Messages.

Six Message Categories are predefined, and you can create new Message Categories and assign them to exception messages to fit your needs. The Release Management Exception Report can be run for a specific Message Category or a range of Message Categories.

This section explains how to setup Message Categories codes in Release Management.


To set up Message Categories codes, you must first define the message category. To do this, use the Application Object Library Lookups window in the Application Developer Responsibility and set up a new code and message for Lookup Type RLM_MESSAGE_CATEGORY. You may define as many Message Categories as needed.

Set Up Message Categories

Message Categories Window

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Use this window to view Exception Messages and their Assigned Categories. It can also be used to change the default assignment of the Message to a Category.

This window displays the following fields for entering and viewing information:


This field displays the message number assigned to the Exception Message.


This field displays the text of the message.

Message Category

This field displays the Category currently assigned to the Exception Message. This field can be changed by selecting a new category from the list of values. The following default Message Categories are available:

User-defined Message Categories can also be created.