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Oracle Service Fulfillment Manager Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E18039-01
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Oracle Service Fulfillment Manager Implementation Guide


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Implementation Considerations

Overview of Implementation Considerations
Application Architecture
Functions and Features
      Service Fulfillment
Service Order Requests
      System Notification Types
      Notification Types
      Resubmitting Orders
      Resubmitted Orders and Fulfillment Actions
      Resubmitted Orders and Notifications
      Message Registration
      Inbound Messages
      Processing Logic
      System Queues
      Other Queues
      The Queue Console
      Adapter Commands
      Adapter Modes
      Adapter Schedules
Fulfillment Element Types
      Fulfillment Elements
Standard Function Activities Provided by Oracle Number Portability
      Definition Considerations
Work Items
      Predefined Work Items in Oracle Number Portability
      Work Item Types
      The Notifications Utility
      Managing Notifications
      Viewing Notifications
      Adding Comments to a Notification Message
      Responding to a Notification Message
      Forwarding a Message Notification
      Message Definition
      Message Queues
      Outbound Message Structure
      Message Elements
      Mandatory Elements
      Message Processing Logic
      Processing Failure
      Message Processing Logic - Guidelines
      Timer Types
      Timer Elements
      Timer Date
      Event for Timer or Message Acknowledgment
      Timer Testing
Using the Flowthrough Manager
Resubmitting an Order
Creating a Resubmission Job
Verifying the Status of a Resubmission Job

Implementing Oracle Service Fulfillment Manager

Managing System Queues
Viewing Queue Summary Information
Finding an Order in the Queue
Starting a Queue
Shutting a Queue
Suspending a Queue
Resuming Queue Operation
Viewing XML Messages
Planning Service Fulfillment Manager Activities
      Item to Fulfillment Action Dynamic Mapping
      Predefined Fulfillment Element Types in Oracle Number Portability
Work Item Workflow Execution Procedure
Service Fulfillment Manager Activities Execution
Fulfillment Action Parameter Evaluation Procedure
Fulfillment Element Routing Procedure
Fulfillment Procedure
Network Communication Process
Connect Procedure
Disconnect Procedure
Managing Network Connections
Monitoring Network Connections
Defining a New Adapter Instance
Redefining an Adapter
Scheduling an Adapter
Deleting an Adapter
Viewing Adapter Request Errors
Issuing a Disconnect Request
Issuing a Connect Request
Issuing a Suspend Request
Issuing a Resume Operation Request
Managing Services
Configuring Services
Defining a New Service
Associating Actions with a Service
Associating Work Items with Service Actions
Editing an Existing Action
Deleting a Service
      Defining a New Service Package
      Associating Services with Packages
Work Items
      Defining a New Work Item
      Deleting a Work Item
      Defining a New Work Item Parameter
      Adding Parameters to a Work Item
      Associating Fulfillment Actions with Work Items
Managing Fulfillment Actions
      Configuring Fulfillment Actions
      Adding Parameters to a Fulfillment Action
      Associating a Fulfillment Procedure with a Fulfillment Action
      Modifying a Fulfillment Action Procedure
Procedure Builder
      Creating a Procedure
      Deleting an Existing Procedure
      Viewing Procedure Parameters
      Editing an Existing Procedure
Managing Fulfillment Element Types
      Defining a Fulfillment Element Type
      Deleting a Fulfillment Element Type
Managing Fulfillment Elements
      Defining a New Fulfillment Element
      Deleting a Fulfillment Element
      Modifying a Fulfillment Element Configuration
      Creating an Activity or Process Timer
      Creating a Message Timer
Workflow Procedure Guidelines
The AOL Generic Loader
Event Subscription
      Setting Up Event Subscription
      Responding to an Event
Administering the Oracle Service Fulfillment Manager
      Oracle SFM Start
      Oracle SFM Stop
Service Fulfillment Manager Procedure Macros
      SEND (Connection Procedure)
Example Service Delivery Platform Procedures
      Service Fulfillment Manager Procedure
      Connect Procedure
      Using Timers in Workflow
      Activity Timers
      Process Timers
      Message Timers
      Workflow in Oracle Service Fulfillment Manager
      The Workflow Builder
      Workflow Processing of a Service Order Request
      Processing a Service Order Request
      The Workflow Monitor

Workflow Activity Functions

Standard Function Activities Provided by Oracle Number Portability
Predefined Work Items in Oracle Number Portability
Predefined Fulfillment Element Types in Oracle Number Portability

Testing an Implementation Project

Submitting a Test Order

Upgrade Considerations

Upgrade Considerations