Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting User's Guide


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Overview of Environmental Accounting and Reporting

Introduction to Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting
Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Reporting
Recording and Reporting Other Environmental Data
Technology Overview
Environmental Accounting and Reporting

Setting Up

Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting Setup Overview
Setting Up in Other Applications
Setting Up in Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting
Setting Up Lookups
Defining Organization Hierarchy Lookup
Setting Up Formulas for Operating Units
Setting Up Units of Measure Classes
Setting Up Units of Measure
Setting Up Units of Measure Conversions
Setting Up Unit of Measure Classification
Setting Up Profile Options
Defining Key Flexfield Structures for Reporting
Defining Descriptive Flexfields for Reporting
Reporting Combinations
Setting Up Parameters
Setting Up Organizations
Defining Assets
Defining Sources
Defining Suppliers
Defining Items
Defining Key Performance Indicators
Setting Up in Oracle Data Integrator
Setting Up in OBIEE
Defining an Organization Hierarchy
Defining a Hierarchy Type
Defining a Hierarchy
Creating a Hierarchy Version
Finding an Organization Hierarchy
Updating a Hierarchy Version
Viewing a Hierarchy Type
Updating a Hierarchy Type

Environmental Accounting

Environmental Accounting Overview
Environmental Accounting for Invoices
Viewing Emissions
Viewing the Environmental Ledger
Environmental Accounting Using Inventory Issue Transactions
Entering Transaction Batches Manually
Loading Source Usages Using the Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator
Creating Transactions Using an API
Performing Emissions and Energy Recalculations
Transferring Transactions to the Data Warehouse

Environmental Reporting

Environmental Reporting Overview
Understanding the Emissions Dashboard
Understanding the Energy Dashboard
Understanding the Metrics Dashboard
Understanding the Reporting Dashboard
Understanding the Summary Dashboard
Understanding the Test Dashboard
Understanding the Transactions Dashboard
Understanding the Usage Dashboard
Formatting Graphs

Windows and Navigation Paths

Environmental Accounting and Reporting Windows and Navigation Paths