This chapter covers the following topics:


The Oracle Functional Testing Suite Advanced Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite, referred to as advanced pack in this guide, provides components for testing features delivered as part of the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.3. The components delivered in the advanced pack for Oracle Channel Revenue Management are documented cumulatively in this guide.

These flows are delivered over Oracle Flow Builder Starter Pack in Release of Oracle Application Testing Suite for Oracle Applications.

For information about the components delivered in the Oracle Flow Builder Starter Pack, see the Oracle Functional Testing Flow Builder Starter Pack Reference Guide for E-Business Suite Release 12.1.3.

Oracle Channel Revenue Management Attributes

This section provides information on the common prerequisites, profile options, and data setups required for executing the Oracle Channel Revenue Management flows. Flow specific requirements are documented along with each flow in the subsequent chapter.


The following are the prerequisites for executing the Oracle Channel Revenue Management flows:

Profile Options

The following profile options must be set:

Profile Option Name Profile Option Value Level
MO: Operating Unit Vision Operations Site
MO: Default Operating Unit Vision Operations User
MO: Security Profile Global Vision Site
QP: Source System Code Oracle Marketing User
QP: Pricing Transaction Entity Order Fulfillment User
OZF: Create GL Entries for Orders Shipped Site
OZF: Ship and Debit Budget <Budget Name> Site
OZF: Default budget for special pricing <Budget Name> Site
OZF: Default Budget For a Person <Budget Name> User
OZF: Default Status when creating Claims Open User

Predefined Data

Not applicable.

Setup Data

The following data must be set up: