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Oracle Solaris Cluster Software Installation Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster
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1.  Planning the Oracle Solaris Cluster Configuration

2.  Installing Software on Global-Cluster Nodes

3.  Establishing the Global Cluster

4.  Configuring Solaris Volume Manager Software

5.  Installing and Configuring Veritas Volume Manager

6.  Creating a Cluster File System

7.  Creating Non-Global Zones and Zone Clusters

8.  Installing the Oracle Solaris Cluster Module to Sun Management Center

9.  Uninstalling Software From the Cluster

Uninstalling the Software

How to Unconfigure Oracle Solaris Cluster Software to Correct Installation Problems

How to Remove Oracle Solaris Cluster Information From a JumpStart Install Server

How to Uninstall SunPlex Manager Software

How to Remove Quorum Server Software

How to Unconfigure a Zone Cluster

A.  Oracle Solaris Cluster Installation and Configuration Worksheets


Chapter 9

Uninstalling Software From the Cluster

This chapter provides procedures for uninstalling or removing certain software from an Oracle Solaris Cluster configuration. The following procedures are in this chapter: