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Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle TimesTen Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster
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1.  Installing and Configuring HA for TimesTen

A.  HA for TimesTen Extension Properties

ORCL.TimesTen_active Extension Properties

ORCL.TimesTen_clag Extension Properties

Manually Changeable Extension Properties

Extension Properties Changeable by TimesTen Utilities

ORCL.TimesTen_cldaemon Extension Properties

ORCL.TimesTen_dbmon Extension Properties

ORCL.TimesTen_server Extension Properties

ORCL.TimesTen_standby Extension Properties

B.  Deployment Example: Installing HA for TimesTen in a Failover Configuration

C.  Deployment Example: Installing HA for TimesTen in an Active-Active Configuration

D.  Deployment Example: Installing HA for TimesTen in a Scalable Subscriber Configuration


Appendix A

HA for TimesTen Extension Properties

The extension properties that you can set for each HA for TimesTen resource type are listed in the following sections:

See the r_properties(5) and rg_properties(5) man pages for details about all of the system-defined properties.