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Solaris X Window System Developer's Guide
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1.  Introduction to the Solaris X Server

2.  DPS Features and Enhancements

3.  Visuals on the Solaris X Server

4.  Font Support

5.  Server Overlay Windows

6.  Transparent Overlay Windows

7.  Security Issues

Access Control Mechanisms



Authorization Protocols



Changing the Default Authorization Protocol

Manipulating Access to the Server

Client Authority File

Allowing Access When Using MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1

Allowing Access When Using SUN-DES-1

Running Clients Remotely, or Locally as Another User

To Run Clients Remotely, or Locally As Another User

A.  Reference Display Devices



Chapter 7

Security Issues

The Solaris environment supports two access control mechanisms: user-based and host-based. It also supports two authorization protocols: MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 and SUN-DES-1. This chapter discusses these access control mechanisms and authorization protocols. It also discusses how to change the server's access control, and how to run clients remotely, or locally as a different user.

Notes About This Chapter

If you run applications in any of the following configurations, you need to read this chapter:

If you are not using any of the configurations listed above, you do not need to change the default security setup.