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STREAMS Programming Guide
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Part I Application Programming Interface

1.  Overview of STREAMS

2.  STREAMS Application-Level Components

3.  STREAMS Application-Level Mechanisms

4.  Application Access to the STREAMS Driver and Module Interfaces

5.  STREAMS Administration

6.  Pipes and Queues

Overview of Pipes and FIFOs

Creating and Opening Pipes and FIFOs

Using Pipes and FIFOs

Reading From a Pipe or FIFO

Writing to a Pipe or FIFO

Closing a Pipe or FIFO

Flushing Pipes and FIFOs

Named Streams

Unique Connections

Part II Kernel Interface

7.  STREAMS Framework - Kernel Level

8.  STREAMS Kernel-Level Mechanisms

9.  STREAMS Drivers

10.  STREAMS Modules

11.  Configuring STREAMS Drivers and Modules

12.  Multithreaded STREAMS

13.  STREAMS Multiplex Drivers

Part III Advanced Topics

14.  Debugging STREAMS-based Applications

Part IV Appendixes

A.  Message Types

B.  Kernel Utility Interface Summary

C.  STREAMS-Based Terminal Subsystem




Chapter 6

Pipes and Queues

This chapter covers communication between processes using STREAMS-based pipes and named pipes. Discussion is limited to communications between applications.