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Oracle Solaris Security for Developers Guide
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1.  Oracle Solaris Security for Developers (Overview)

2.  Developing Privileged Applications

3.  Writing PAM Applications and Services

4.  Writing Applications That Use GSS-API

5.  GSS-API Client Example

6.  GSS-API Server Example

7.  Writing Applications That Use SASL

8.  Introduction to the Oracle Solaris Cryptographic Framework

9.  Writing User-Level Cryptographic Applications and Providers

10.  Using the Smart Card Framework

A.  Sample C-Based GSS-API Programs

B.  GSS-API Reference

C.  Specifying an OID

D.  Source Code for SASL Example

E.  SASL Reference Tables

F.  Packaging and Signing Cryptographic Providers



























packaging cryptographic applications, Packaging Cryptographic Provider Applications and Modules
PAM, Writing PAM Applications and Services
authentication process, PAM Authentication Process
configuration file
introduction, PAM Configuration
consumer application example, A Simple PAM Consumer Example
framework, Introduction to the PAM Framework
items, Requirements for PAM Consumers
library, PAM Library
requirements for PAM consumers, Requirements for PAM Consumers
role in Solaris OS, Network Security Architecture
service modules, PAM Service Modules
service provider example, Sample PAM Provider Service Module
service provider requirements, Requirements for PAM Service Providers
writing conversation functions, Writing Conversation Functions
pam.conf file, See PAM configuration file
pam_end() function, Requirements for PAM Consumers
pam_getenvlist() function, Other Useful PAM Functions
pam_open_session() function, Other Useful PAM Functions
pam_set_item() function, Requirements for PAM Consumers
pam_setcred() function, A Simple PAM Consumer Example
pam_start() function, Requirements for PAM Consumers
parse_oid() function, Specifying a Non-Default Mechanism
GSS-API client example, GSSAPI Client Example: main() Function
per-message tokens, GSS-API, GSS-API Tokens
permitted privilege set, defined, Permitted Privilege Set
PKCS #11
C_GetInfo() function, PKCS #11 Functions: C_GetInfo()
C_GetMechanismList() function, PKCS #11 Functions: C_GetMechanismList()
C_GetSlotList() function, PKCS #11 Functions: C_GetSlotList()
C_GetTokenInfo() function, PKCS #11 Functions: C_GetTokenInfo()
C_Initialize() function, PKCS #11 Functions: C_Initialize()
C_OpenSession() function, PKCS #11 Functions: C_OpenSession()
function list, PKCS #11 Function List module, Overview of the Cryptoki Library
SUNW_C_GetMechSession() function
Extended PKCS #11 Functions: SUNW_C_GetMechSession()
Extended PKCS #11 Functions: SUNW_C_KeyToObject library, Solaris cryptographic framework, Components of the Cryptographic Framework library, Solaris cryptographic framework, Components of the Cryptographic Framework
SASL, SASL Plug-in Overview
Solaris cryptographic framework, Oracle Solaris Cryptography Terminology
pluggable authentication module, See PAM
pluggable interface, Solaris cryptographic framework, Components of the Cryptographic Framework
principals, GSS-API, Names in GSS-API
PRIV_FILE_LINK_ANY, Privilege Categories
PRIV_OFF flag, Privilege Data Types
PRIV_ON flag, Privilege Data Types
PRIV_PROC_EXEC, Privilege Categories
PRIV_PROC_FORK, Privilege Categories
PRIV_PROC_INFO, Privilege Categories
PRIV_PROC_SESSION, Privilege Categories
PRIV_SET flag, Privilege Data Types
priv_set_t structure, Privilege Data Types
priv_str_to_set() function, synopsis, priv_str_to_set() for Mapping Privileges
priv_t type, Privilege Data Types
privilege sets, defined, How Privileges Are Implemented
privileged applications, defined, Privileged Applications
assignment, How Administrators Assign Privileges
bracketing in the least privilege model, Privilege Bracketing in the Least Privilege Model
bracketing in the superuser model, Privilege Bracketing in the Superuser Model
categories, Privilege Categories
IPC, Privilege Categories
process, Privilege Categories
system, Privilege Categories
System V IPC, Privilege Categories
code example, Privilege Bracketing in the Least Privilege Model
compatibility with superuser, Compatibility Between the Superuser and Privilege Models
data types, Privilege Data Types
defined, Privileged Applications
interfaces, Privilege Interfaces
introduction, System Security
operation flags, Privilege Data Types
overview, About Privileges
priv_str_to_set() function, priv_str_to_set() for Mapping Privileges
privilege ID data type, Privilege Data Types
required header file, Programming with Privileges
setppriv() function, setppriv(): for Setting Privileges
use in application development, Guidelines for Developing Privileged Applications
process privileges, Privilege Categories
See privileges
protecting data, GSS-API, Sending Protected Data in GSS-API
defined, Network Security Architecture
packaging kernel-level applications, Packaging Kernel-Level Provider Modules
packaging user-level applications, Packaging User-Level Provider Applications
Solaris cryptographic framework
Oracle Solaris Cryptography Terminology
Components of the Cryptographic Framework
example, User-Level Provider Example