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Multithreaded Programming Guide
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1.  Covering Multithreading Basics

2.  Basic Threads Programming

3.  Thread Attributes

4.  Programming with Synchronization Objects

5.  Programming With the Solaris Software

6.  Programming With Solaris Threads

7.  Safe and Unsafe Interfaces

Thread Safety

MT Interface Safety Levels

Reentrant Functions for Unsafe Interfaces

Async-Signal-Safe Functions in Solaris Threads

MT Safety Levels for Libraries

Unsafe Libraries

8.  Compiling and Debugging

9.  Programming Guidelines

A.  Extended Example: A Thread Pool Implementation


Async-Signal-Safe Functions in Solaris Threads

Functions that can safely be called from signal handlers are Async-Signal-Safe. The IEEE Std 1003.1–2004 (POSIX) standard defines Async-Signal-Safe functions, which are listed in Table 5-2. In addition to these standard Async-Signal-Safe functions, the following functions from the Solaris threads interface are also Async-Signal-Safe: