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Solaris System Management Agent Developer's Guide
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1.  Introduction to the System Management Agent

2.  Creating Modules

3.  Data Modeling

4.  Storing Module Data

5.  Implementing Alarms

6.  Deploying Modules

7.  Multiple Instance Modules

Implementing Multiple Instances of a Module

How To Implement Multiple Instance Modules

demo_module_6 Code Example for Multiple Instance Modules

Enabling Dynamic Updates to a Multiple Instance Module

demo_module_7 Code Example for Dynamic Updates of Multiple Instance Modules

Modifying the demo_module_7 Code

How to Enable Dynamic Update of a Multi-Instance Module

Registering New Instances in the Module

8.  Long-Running Data Collection

9.  Entity MIB

10.  Migration of Solstice Enterprise Agents to the System Management Agent

A.  SMA Resources

B.  MIBs Implemented in SMA



Enabling Dynamic Updates to a Multiple Instance Module

When you perform a dynamic update to a module, you use a command to modify a module that is loaded and running with System Management Agent. The SMA does not provide a mechanism for dynamically adding and removing instances of managed objects in a multi-instance module. However, you can code your module to enable an administrator or application to use the snmpset command to update the module.

The demo_module_7 code example is used to show how to update a module that has been registered with the agent.