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Solaris System Management Agent Developer's Guide
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1.  Introduction to the System Management Agent

2.  Creating Modules

About Modules

Overview of Creating Modules

Defining a MIB

MIB File Names

Setting MIB Environment Variables

Generating Code Templates

Modifying Code Templates

Configuring the Module

Delivering the Module

Namespace Issues

Avoiding Namespace Collisions

Module Names

Library Names

3.  Data Modeling

4.  Storing Module Data

5.  Implementing Alarms

6.  Deploying Modules

7.  Multiple Instance Modules

8.  Long-Running Data Collection

9.  Entity MIB

10.  Migration of Solstice Enterprise Agents to the System Management Agent

A.  SMA Resources

B.  MIBs Implemented in SMA



Modifying Code Templates

The code templates that are generated by mib2c include code that registers the OIDs for the MIB data and handles the requests for the data. The init_module routine in the mibnode.c template provides the basic code for data retrieval. You must modify the templates to provide the data collection and data management, or instrumentation, of your module. See init_module Routine for information about modifying the initialization routine.

The following table shows where to find more information about how to do various types of data collection.

Table 2-2 Data Collection Documentation

Type of data
Scalar objects
Simple tables
General tables
Long running