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Solaris Trusted Extensions Installation and Configuration for Solaris 10 11/06 and Solaris 10 8/07 Releases
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1.  Security Planning for Trusted Extensions

2.  Installation and Configuration Roadmap for Trusted Extensions

3.  Installing Solaris Trusted Extensions Software (Tasks)

4.  Configuring Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

5.  Configuring LDAP for Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

6.  Configuring a Headless System With Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

A.  Site Security Policy

Creating and Managing a Security Policy

Site Security Policy and Trusted Extensions

Computer Security Recommendations

Physical Security Recommendations

Personnel Security Recommendations

Common Security Violations

Additional Security References

U.S. Government Publications

UNIX Security Publications

General Computer Security Publications

General UNIX Publications

B.  Using CDE Actions to Install Zones in Trusted Extensions

C.  Configuration Checklist for Trusted Extensions



Computer Security Recommendations

Consider the following list of guidelines when you develop a security policy for your site.