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Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1 Add-On Component Development Guide
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1.   Introduction to the Development Environment for GlassFish Server Add-On Components

2.  Writing HK2 Components

3.  Extending the Administration Console

4.  Extending the asadmin Utility

5.  Adding Monitoring Capabilities

6.  Adding Configuration Data for a Component

7.  Adding Container Capabilities

8.  Creating a Session Persistence Module

9.  Packaging, Integrating, and Delivering an Add-On Component

Packaging an Add-On Component

Integrating an Add-On Component With GlassFish Server

Delivering an Add-On Component Through Update Tool

A.  Integration Point Reference


Chapter 9

Packaging, Integrating, and Delivering an Add-On Component

Packaging an add-on component enables the component to interact with the GlassFish Server kernel in the same way as other components. Integrating a component with GlassFish Server enables GlassFish Server to discover the component at runtime. If an add-on component is an extension or update to existing installations of GlassFish Server, deliver the component through Update Tool.

The following topics are addressed here: