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Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1 Application Deployment Guide
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1.  Overview of Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1 Application Deployment

2.  Deploying Applications

A.  The asadmin Deployment Subcommands

B.  GlassFish Server Deployment Descriptor Files

About the GlassFish Server Deployment Descriptors

The glassfish-application.xml File

The glassfish-web.xml File

The glassfish-ejb-jar.xml File

The sun-cmp-mappings.xml File

The glassfish-application-client.xml file

The sun-acc.xml File

The glassfish-resources.xml File

WebLogic Server Deployment Descriptor Support in GlassFish Server

C.  Elements of the GlassFish Server Deployment Descriptors


The sun-acc.xml File

The sun-acc.xml file configures the Application Client Container. This is more of a configuration file than a deployment descriptor. GlassFish Server provides a default file in the domain-dir/config directory. Specifying a different file is optional. The element hierarchy is as follows:

.  target-server
.  .  description
.  .  security
.  .  .  ssl
.  .  .  cert-db
.  auth-realm
.  .  property (with attributes)
.  client-credential
.  .  property (with attributes)
.  log-service
.  .  property (with attributes)
.  message-security-config
.  .  provider-config
.  .  .  request-policy
.  .  .  response-policy
.  .  .  property (with attributes)
.  property (with attributes)