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Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1-3.1.1 High Availability Administration Guide
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1.  High Availability in GlassFish Server

2.  Setting Up SSH for Centralized Administration

3.  Administering GlassFish Server Nodes

4.  Administering GlassFish Server Clusters

5.  Administering GlassFish Server Instances

6.  Administering Named Configurations

7.  Configuring Web Servers for HTTP Load Balancing

8.  Configuring HTTP Load Balancing

9.  Upgrading Applications Without Loss of Availability

10.  Configuring High Availability Session Persistence and Failover

11.  Configuring Java Message Service High Availability

12.  RMI-IIOP Load Balancing and Failover


General Requirements for Configuring Load Balancing

Load Balancing Models

InitialContext Load Balancing

InitialContext Summary

InitialContext Algorithm

Enabling RMI-IIOP Hardware Load Balancing and Failover

To Enable RMI-IIOP Hardware Load Balancing for the Application Client Container

Per-Request Load Balancing (PRLB)

PRLB Summary

Enabling Per-Request Load Balancing

To Enable RMI-IIOP Per-Request Load Balancing for a Stateless EJB


Chapter 12

RMI-IIOP Load Balancing and Failover

This chapter describes using high-availability features for remote EJB references and JNDI objects over RMI-IIOP in GlassFish Server.