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Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1 Quick Start Guide
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Document Information

1.  Quick Start for Basic Features

2.  Use Cases for Production Deployments

Deploying an Application to a Two-Instance Cluster

To Install and Configure the GlassFish Server Cluster

To Install and Configure iPlanet Web Server for Load Balancing

To Install the Load Balancer

To Deploy the Application and Configure the Load Balancer

Configuring an Oracle Data Source

To Integrate the JDBC Driver into GlassFish Server

To Create a JDBC Connection Pool

To Create a JDBC Resource

Next Steps

Configuring Transport Layer Security (TLS)

To Configure GlassFish Server for TLS/SSL

Shortcut for Configuring GlassFish Server for TLS/SSL

Shortcut: To Configure GlassFish Server for TLS/SSL

Chapter 2

Use Cases for Production Deployments

The examples and procedures in Chapter 1, Quick Start for Basic Features introduce the features and capabilities of GlassFish Server, but are not intended for production deployments. This chapter provides examples of how GlassFish Server can be used in production.

The following topics are addressed here: