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Oracle GlassFish Server Message Queue 4.5 Developer's Guide for C Clients
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1.  Introduction

2.  Using the C API

3.  Client Design Issues

4.  Reference

A.  Message Queue C API Error Codes

Error Codes


Appendix A

Message Queue C API Error Codes

Having found that a Message Queue function has not returned successfully, you can determine the reason by passing the return status of that function to the MQGetStatusCode function, which returns the error code associated with the specified status. This appendix lists the error codes that can be returned and provides a description that is associated with that code. You can retrieve the error string (description) by calling the MQGetStatusString function.

Some Message Queue functions, when they fail, might return an MQStatus result that contains an NSPR or NSS library error code instead of a Message Queue error code. For NSPR and NSS library error codes, the MQGetStatusString function returns the symbolic name of the NSPR or NSS library error code. Please see NSPR and NSS public documentation for NSPR and NSS error code symbols and their interpretation at the following locations:

When checking a Message Queue function for return errors, you should only reference the Message Queue common error code symbol names in order to maintain maximum compatibility with future releases. For each function, Chapter 4, Reference, lists the common error codes that can be returned by that function.

For information on error handling, see Table A-1.