Oracle Real-Time Decisions Applications
  Release 3.1

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Oracle Real-Time Decisions Applications Introduction
Oracle Real-Time Decisions applications are available in several application types.

The Oracle Real-Time Decisions Base Application is a library of pre-configured components representing best practices for Decision Management implementations using Oracle Real-Time Decisions. The library contains two types of component: pre-configured Decision Services that can be used to implement specific decision patterns and Application Components that can be used by business users to support their decision management needs. The pre-configured Decision Services provide best practice patterns for E-Commerce and Customer Service interactions optimization, and contain hundreds of pre-built elements such as performance goals, data attributes, predictive models and reports. The pre-configured Application Components address the needs of business users in terms of content authoring, access and version control, search, collaboration and workflow integration, that pertain to Decision Management applications.

These Application Components are then assembled together into a pre-configured Decision Management application for Marketing Optimization, a turn-key deployable solution for real-time inbound marketing optimization and collaborative decision management, now available as a component of the Oracle Real-Time Decisions Base Application.

In addition several Oracle Real-Time Decisions prepackaged applications are also available from Oracle. They are extensions to existing software packages available from Oracle that have been augmented with Oracle Real-Time Decisions capabilities. For example, in the context of E-Commerce, the Oracle Real-Time Decisions Base Application provides a generalized Inline Service for the purpose of optimizing E-Commerce interactions for Oracle or non-Oracle E-Commerce systems, while Oracle Real-Time Decisions for Siebel E-Commerce is a pre-packaged version of the above mentioned Inline Service that has been tailored for the Siebel E-Commerce Application (associated application). Similarly, the Siebel Intelligent Offer Generation product (IOG) extends Siebel Marketing and Siebel Contact Center with real-time decision capabilities for Contact Centers. Please make sure to verify version compatibility and availability between each specific Oracle Real-Time Decisions pre-packaged application and the Oracle Real-Time Decisions Platform using the System Requirements and Supported Platforms (SRSP) documents of those associated applications.

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