System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Oracle Solaris Zones

Assessing the System To Be Migrated

Depending on the services performed by the original system, the global administrator might need to manually customize the zone after it has been installed. For example, the privileges assigned to the zone might need to be modified. This is not done automatically. Also, because all system services do not work inside zones, not every physical system is a good candidate for migration into a zone.

Note that if the system image to be installed through P2V is newer than the target host operating system release, the installation will fail.

ProcedureHow to Collect System Information

Collect required information from the source system.

  1. Obtain the hostname:

    # hostname
  2. Obtain the hostid:

    # hostid

    Also see Host ID Emulation.

  3. Obtain the root password.

  4. View the software being run on the system:

    # ps -eaf
  5. Check the networking configuration on the system:

    # ifconfig -a
  6. View the storage utilized, for example, by viewing the contents of /etc/vfstab.

  7. View the amount of local disk storage in use, which determines the size of the archive:

    # df -k
  8. Determine the packages and patches that are on the system. See pkginfo(1) for more information.

  9. Examine the contents of /etc/system.