System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Oracle Solaris Zones

ProcedureHow to Determine Whether a Web Server Is Allocated Enough CPU Capacity

  1. Use the prctl command to place a privileged (superuser-owned) resource control on the tasks that contain an httpd process. Limit each task's total number of LWPs to 40, and disable all local actions.

    # prctl -n task.max-lwps -v 40 -t privileged -d all `pgrep httpd`
  2. Enable a system log global action on the task.max-lwps resource control.

    # rctladm -e syslog task.max-lwps
  3. Observe whether the workload trips the resource control.

    If it does, you will see /var/adm/messages such as:

    Jan  8 10:15:15 testmachine unix: [ID 859581 kern.notice] 
    NOTICE: privileged rctl task.max-lwps exceeded by task 19