System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Oracle Solaris Zones

poolstat Output

In default output format, poolstat outputs a heading line and then displays a line for each pool. A pool line begins with the pool ID and the name of the pool, followed by a column of statistical data for the processor set attached to the pool. Resource sets attached to more than one pool are listed multiple times, once for each pool.

The column headings are as follows:


Pool ID.


Pool name.


Resource set ID.


Resource set name.


Resource set type.


Minimum resource set size.


Maximum resource set size.


Current resource set size.


Measure of how much of the resource set is currently used.

This usage is calculated as the percentage of utilization of the resource set multiplied by the size of the resource set. If a resource set has been reconfigured during the last sampling interval, this value might be not reported. An unreported value appears as a hyphen (-).


Absolute representation of the load that is put on the resource set.

For more information about this property, see the libpool(3LIB) man page.

You can specify the following in poolstat output: