System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Oracle Solaris Zones

The locality Objective

The locality objective influences the impact that locality, as measured by locality group (lgroup) data, has upon the selected configuration. An alternate definition for locality is latency. An lgroup describes CPU and memory resources. The lgroup is used by the Solaris system to determine the distance between resources, using time as the measurement. For more information on the locality group abstraction, see Locality Groups Overview in Programming Interfaces Guide.

This objective can take one of the following three values:


If set, configurations that maximize resource locality are favored.


If set, configurations that minimize resource locality are favored.


If set, the favorableness of a configuration is not influenced by resource locality. This is the default value for the locality objective.

In general, the locality objective should be set to tight. However, to maximize memory bandwidth or to minimize the impact of DR operations on a resource set, you could set this objective to loose or keep it at the default setting of none.