System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Oracle Solaris Zones

Reporting Resource Set Statistics

The following example uses the poolstat command with the -r option to report statistics for the processor set resource set. Note that the resource set pset_default is attached to more than one pool, so this processor set is listed once for each pool membership.

machine% poolstat -r pset
      id pool          type rid rset          min  max size used load
       0 pool_default  pset  -1 pset_default    1  65K    2  1.2  8.3
       6 pool_sales    pset   1 pset_sales      1  65K    2  1.2  8.3
       2 pool_other    pset  -1 pset_default    1  10K    2  0.4  5.2