System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Oracle Solaris Zones

ProcedureHow to Use project Attributes to Bind a Process to a Different Pool

Assume you have a configuration with two pools that are named studio and backstage. The /etc/project file has the following contents:


With this configuration, processes that are started by user paul are bound by default to the studio pool.

User paul can modify the pool binding for processes he starts. paul can use newtask to bind work to the backstage pool as well, by launching in the passes project.

  1. Launch a process in the passes project.

    $ newtask -l -p passes
  2. Use the poolbind command with the -q option to verify the pool binding for the process. Also use a double dollar sign ($$) to pass the process number of the parent shell to the command.

    $ poolbind -q $$
    6384  pool backstage

    The system displays the process ID and the pool binding.