System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Oracle Solaris Zones

Configuring Audit in the Global Zone

Solaris audit trails are configured in the global zone. Audit policy is set in the global zone and applies to processes in all zones. The audit records can be marked with the name of the zone in which the event occurred. To include zone names in audit records, you must edit the /etc/security/audit_startup file before you install any non-global zones. The zone name selection is case-sensitive.

To configure auditing in the global zone to include all zone audit records, add this line to the /etc/security/audit_startup file:

/usr/sbin/auditconfig -setpolicy +zonename

As the global administrator in the global zone, execute the auditconfig utility:

global# auditconfig -setpolicy +zonename

For additional information, see the audit_startup(1M) and auditconfig(1M) man pages and “Configuring Audit Files (Task Map)” in System Administration Guide: Security Services.