System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Oracle Solaris Zones

Packaging and Patch Tools Overview

The Solaris packaging tools are used in administering the zones environment. The global administrator can upgrade the system to a new version of Solaris, which updates both the global and the non-global zones.

Solaris Live Upgrade, the standard Solaris interactive installation program, or the custom JumpStart installation program can be used in the global zone to upgrade a system that includes non-global zones. For a zone with the zonepath on ZFS, the following restrictions apply:

For more information, see Using Oracle Solaris Live Upgrade to Migrate or Upgrade a System With Zones (Solaris 10 10/08) in Oracle Solaris ZFS Administration Guide.

The zone administrator can use the packaging tools to administer any software installed in a non-global zone, within the limits described in this document.

The following general principles apply when zones are installed:

Note –

While certain package and patch operations are performed, a zone is temporarily locked to other operations of this type. The system might also confirm a requested operation with the administrator before proceeding.